1. Talking Politics


    Said Providence, Rhode Island mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza, “I’m the only candidate that’s as comfortable speaking in South Providence as I am on the East Side.”

    via Providence Monthly

  2. Mmmm Taste the Urban Flavour


    Said Rolly Ashdown, who’s seeking the Consevative nomination in Bow River, Alberta: “Location wise I am in the proper spot. I am the only candidate that comes from rural municipal politics (and) we do have an urban flavour to Rocky View County as well.”

    via Airdrie Echo

  3. Subway Sandwiches

    Here’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford again: “You want subways, I’m the only candidate that has proven I can build subways and will continue to build subways.”

    via CBC News

  4. Carpe Diem


    Said Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Marty Seifert: “I’m the only candidate for governor to issue detailed plans for what I will stand for on the major issues of the day, months before next week’s election.”

    via Star Tribune

  5. Anything


    Said Michigan congressional candidate Jeff Hank: ”I’m the only candidate in the race who’s done something.”

    via WLNS

  6. Hungry, Hungry Hypocrits


    Said U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia Robert Sarvis"I’m the only candidate who could have been on the stage today to call out the other two about their hypocrisy and their bad policies."

    via WVTF

  7. Questionnaires Disease


    Said Massachusetts attorney general candidate Maura Healey"I am the only candidate who has released her tax return, posted online her questionnaires and called for the most robust pledge to ban special interest money."

  8. Vote ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


    Said Floria Libertarian candidate gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wylllie"I’m the only candidate in the race that supports full legalization of marijuana."

    via WWSB

  9. Duh


    Said San Antonio mayoral candidate Mike Villarreal, ”Right now I’m the only candidate and that’s kind of a good place to be.”

    via KSAT

  10. Not That Successful, Just Like You

    Said Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, “I’m the only non-millionaire that’s running amongst the major candidates.”

    via Breitbart