1. Just Like Neo

    Said Maine Republican Gov.-elect Paul LePage: “I will tell you this: I am the only candidate who was born in the system who escaped it.

    (Source: MSNBC)

  2. …and yes when it’s not

    Said Massachusetts independent candidate for governor Tim Cahill: “I am the only candidate who has proven success bringing both sides to the table while saying no when it’s necessary.

    (Source: Boston.com)

  3. A shale of a deal

    Said Democratic candidate for Pennsylania’s 23rd Senate District Trey Casimir: “I am the only candidate to say loudly, clearly and consistently that we must institute a severance tax on Marcellus Shale gas companies.

    (Source: dailyitem.com)

  4. The Laundry List

    Said independent candidate for Pennsylania’s 15th Congressional District Jake Towne: “I am the only candidate who has pledged to balance the budget, stop the endless wars and endless debt, plus has the ideas that will work to solve the unemployment problem.”

    (Source: towneforcongress.com)

  5. Photoshop Disasters

    Said Hamilton, New Zealand councillor Dave Macpherson: “In fact I think I am the only candidate to use a photo taken with his or her own camera.”

    Ed: The next line was too good to not post. ”I think the colour of Roger Hennebry’s hair changes depending on whether he is campaigning for the youth vote or the Grey Power vote.”

    (Source: stuff.co.nz)

  6. Torontonians! Torontonians!!!

    Said Toronto Ward 20 councillor candidate Mike Yen: “I am the only candidate in this ward who has recognized that Torontonians are over taxed, and I will vote to eliminate the land transfer and vehicle registration tax.”

    (Source: insidetorontovotes.ca)

  7. Project Management

    Said Cottage Grove, Minn. city council candidate Derrick Lehrke: “I am the only candidate that spoke out and made sure we citizens received information on the new city hall building project.”

    (Source: twincities.com)

  8. Large, firm

    Said New York Democratic state attorney general candidate Kathleen Rice: “I am the only person in the race who has run a law enforcement agency. I am the only candidate who has run a large law firm.”

    (Source: massapequa.patch.com)

  9. One-Armed Bandits

    Said Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor Jill Stein: “I am the only candidate that is standing up against the introduction of gambling casinos, explaining that a casino is a job-killing machine that will drain money from our economy and leave us struggling with a host of social problems.”

    - seen on Stein’s website

    (Source: cutler2010.com)

  10. Gen. Picket

    Said Democratic State Rep. Steve Santarsiero: “I’m the only candidate in this race who had children in the district when Pennsbury went out on strike five years ago.”

    - as quoted by Bucks Local News