1. Waiting Backstage

    Said Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott: “I’m the only candidate on this stage tonight who has outlined a plan to deal with border security.”

    via TWC News

  2. Like For Example

    Said Yakima County prosecutor candidate Troy Clements: “I’m the only candidate who has worked within the office the last decade that understands the things we could do better, like not lose 30 deputy prosecuting attorneys under (current Prosecutor) Jim Hagarty.”

    via Yakima Herald Republic

  3. Caucus of the Walkus

    Said U.S. Senate candidate from Nebraska Jim Jenkins: “I’m the only candidate on this stage who has pledged – and right from the beginning – that I would not caucus with either the Democrats or the Republicans, but instead work to find common ground with both Republicans and Democrats on all the issues that Republicans and Democrats have kicked down the road.”

    via KVNO

  4. Moment of Zen

    Said Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow: “I’m the only progressive candidate and that’s in line with what [Jon Stewart] has been talking about in the States.”

    via Toronto Sun

  5. Muddy Buddies


    Said Washoe County, Nevada sheriff candidate Chuck AllenI am the only candidate who has been in the trenches, and you can count on me to continue to be in the trenches as the Washoe County sheriff.”

    via Reno-Gazette Journal

  6. EIEIO

    Said Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts"I’m the only candidate on this stage who will put Harry Reid out to pasture."

    via KWCH

  7. Emergency Procedure Word


    Here’s New Hampshire Senate candidate Jim Rubens"I’m the only candidate running for U.S. Senate in the entire country who is making political corruption an issue in my campaign," he said. "I’m also the only candidate running for Senate who was endorsed by the Mayday PAC." 

    via Seacoast Online

  8. Bring the Bleach


    Said Providence, Rhode Island mayoral candidate, Michael Solomon, “I’m the only candidate that cleaned up the mess of Buddy Cianci.”

    via AP, sfgate.com

  9. Be smart. Be here.


    Said Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras"I’m pretty sure I’m the only candidate you’ll meet who’s ever had clothes on layaway at Ann & Hope."

    via Providence Journal

  10. Me and Francis and Jeanne and Wilma


    Said Brevard County Commission candidate Richard Charbonneau: ”I am the only candidate that has managed 97 construction jobs, at over 100 million dollars, with all coming in on time and on budget in the three hurricane years of Francis, Jeanne, and Wilma.”

    via Brevard Times