1. Questionnaires Disease


    Said Massachusetts attorney general candidate Maura Healey"I am the only candidate who has released her tax return, posted online her questionnaires and called for the most robust pledge to ban special interest money."

  2. Vote ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


    Said Floria Libertarian candidate gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wylllie"I’m the only candidate in the race that supports full legalization of marijuana."

    via WWSB

  3. Duh


    Said San Antonio mayoral candidate Mike Villarreal, ”Right now I’m the only candidate and that’s kind of a good place to be.”

    via KSAT

  4. Not That Successful, Just Like You

    Said Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, “I’m the only non-millionaire that’s running amongst the major candidates.”

    via Breitbart

  5. Probably Not

    Said former Niagara Falls, New York mayor Vince Anello"I think I’m the only person in the country who ever did time over something like this."

    And since you’re wondering: 

    "I contracted to do some electrical work and was paid in advance. I had already filed permits at City Hall to do the work." he said. "Then I was elected mayor, and couldn’t perform the work. But I also didn’t have the money to give back."

    via Niagara Falls Reporter

  6. Never Missed a Day of Preschool Either

    Said Pacifica, California city council candidate Therese Dyer"I’m the only candidate that attends on a regular basis, city and county meetings which include the charter review meetings."

    via San Jose Mercury News

  7. When You’re Alone

    Said Winnipeg mayoral candidate Michel Fillion"I am the only candidate who lives downtown."

    via CTV News

  8. Would Walk 500 More


    Said Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, “I do want people out here in this part of Massachusetts to know specifically that I do support the Springfield casino plan I’ve walked the site, I think I’m the only candidate who’s actually done that I think the location of it is a great place to put it.”

    via WGGB

  9. {insert Rob Ford joke here}


    Said Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, “The taxpayers of this great city know that I am the only candidate, I’m the only candidate who is fully committed to delivering on these savings.”

    via Toronto Sun

  10. Growing Money on Trees

    Said Kentucky Secretary of State and Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, ”I’m the only candidate in this race that has a jobs plan that is looking out for our farmers to actually level the playing field and end the currency manipulation we have with China.”

    via Agri Pulse